“Network Wins assists public authorities and private enterprises in the identification of the best funding opportunities to implement different initiatives, supporting them throughout all the project development phases.
In parallel with this strategic activity, Network Wins also collaborates on the drafting of dossier and documentation on behalf of other professional offices and consultation societies. In this framework, Network Wins can count on the support of an ever-growing network of professionals and consultants with proven experience in their respective domains.”

Support for strategic projects and initiatives

Support public and private authorities in the ideation, planning and implementation of initiatives and project of strategic interest, helping them to define challenges and achieve development targets at European and global levels.

Tailor-made solutions

Propose innovative solutions to face the great global challenges also according to sudden technological changes as well as the sustainability paradigm, thanks to the support of highly qualified professionals.

Promote the creation of public-private and international partnerships, based on shared views and objectives, with the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices that are beneficial for our clients.

Promote the development of partnerships provided with specific planning abilities to develop project ideas related to specific programmes and sources of funding.

Our projects

Coming up with innovative project ideas and realising them is the core of our activities. Click here below to discover some of the projects and activities on which we collaborated.

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